Looking for technical traning in Japan KEI KEI (Cambodia) is Your first choice

Special Training Course for Technical Intern Trainees

Kei Kei (Cambodia) Human Resource Co., Ltd creates a special training course which is designed for technical intern trainees who successfully passed the interview and self-preparing before departure to Japan.
This course not only provides them Japanese education for 5 months but also improves and motivates them to pay high attention on their work and general knowledge about Japan such as culture, tradition, lifestyle and living condition and so on. Read More ...
Additionally, we also advise them about legal issues in order to avoid them form disappearance and committing crime, importantly; permanent disappearance from work place.
After attending this course, they are able to use daily conversation in Japanese Language with their team works and can adapt to adopted to Japanese working environment.
We have qualified teachers in order to provide the quality Japanese language education for Cambodian technical intern trainees. In classroom, technical intern trainees are assigned to complete multi-school works and activities to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. We have specific schedule which is created for full day training. Class starts form 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM includes 1 hour lunch break form 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM.

Special Training Course
Student activity in the class
Student activity in Library

Activities at School

  1. Every Monday morning around 30 minutes, technical intern trainees involve in social activity by collecting waste nearby company.
  2. In order to keep healthy, technical intern trainees work out around 15 minutes every morning.   Read More ...
  3. Morning assembly is daily obligation that all technical intern trainees must concern with. Every morning around 40 minutes, Technical intern trainees are assigned to do morning assembly on the site of conducting positive thinking, self-motivation and self-development.
  4. In classroom, technical intern trainees are assigned to do plenty of school tasks in the purpose of improving their Japanese language and urge them to be more flexible and sensitive in Japanese.
  5. Besides providing Japanese education, we discipline technical intern trainees to salute politely to partners. It is noted that early salutation toward partner is a significant greeting and polite expression that we cannot fail to consider.
  6. After finishing 5 months course, technical intern trainees will receive a certificate to qualify their education.
  7. We invites Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training's civil servants to provide orientation related to general knowledge and immigration to technical intern trainees before departure to Japan in the purpose of reminder and guideline them to understand about rule and regulation.

Activity in School
Social activity Gabage Collection
Class Environment
Salutation Traning

: #222, Street 2006, Kakab Commune, Posenchey District, Phnom Penh , Cambodia

: (855) 23-995-072 (Japanese Language)

: (855)23-995-074 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-427 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-314 (Khmer Language)

: info@keikei-cambodia.com

: Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:30PM