Looking for technical traning in Japan KEI KEI (Cambodia) is Your first choice

Japanese Course

KEI KEI (Cambodia) Human Resource Co., Ltd is creating Japanese course for those who are interested in studying Japanese and for those who interested in technical intern in Japan. It is a new course that separately difference form the course for successful selected technical intern trainees.

This course provides Japanese foundation education. It is a very beneficial course for the people who intent to be technical intern trainees in Japan. Those who take this 6 months course will be able to reach Japanese Language N5 and able to speak Japanese in the beginning level.

The course start on September, 2017.

Course Fee and Study time:

  • Morning course  : 10:00 am – 12:40 pm     (Free course)
  • Afternoon course: 14:00 pm – 16:40 pm    (Free course)
  • Evening course  :  17:30 pm – 17: 20 pm   (80$/month)

Note: Studying material is separately charge.

For those who are interested please contact us for more detail information.


 : (855) 23-995-072 (Japanese Language)

 : (855)23-995-074 (Khmer Language)

 : (855)23-890-427 (Khmer Language)

 : (855)23-890-314 (Khmer Language)

How to register to be technical trainee?
Application forms can be from LINK BELOW.

 Application forms can be Click Here 

Registration Criterias:

  • Age 18 years olds - 34 year olds
  • Khmer Identity Card (Original)
  • Family record book (Original )
  • Certification of birth (Original )
  • 3 Photos (3cm×4cm)
  • Registration fee 20$ (it will be paid back after the interview. In case the candidate drop out the interview it will not paid back. )
Identity Card
Family Book
Permenent Living Book

: #222, Street 2006, Kakab Commune, Posenchey District, Phnom Penh , Cambodia

: (855) 23-995-072 (Japanese Language)

: (855)23-995-074 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-427 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-314 (Khmer Language)

: info@keikei-cambodia.com

: Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

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