Looking for technical traning in Japan KEI KEI (Cambodia) is Your first choice

Ong  Tithiasovanarob

Position :Chief Executive Officer

Email: info@keikei-cambodia.com

Establish Date: June 21st, 2013


Our Mission

We create a good business environment which provides multiple benefits between our customers, partners and technical intern trainees in order to wider the change of society and enhance the improvement.

Our Core Value

  • Integrity: To achieve the blossom outcome by preserving honesty and loyalty toward our valuable customers, partners, technical intern trainees and members.
  • Commitment: To ensure a good service and job completed with satisfaction from beginning until the end.
  • Responsiveness: To learn and respond rapidly through open communication with customers, partners, and technical intern trainees.
  • Teamwork: To accomplish a good communication and cooperation by sharing purpose, opinion, value directly with our people.
  • Trust: To build a deep sense of trust by taking seriously on our personal responsibility.

Our Vision

  • We accept the change to fulfill the need of our customers, partners and technical intern trainees.
  • We keep grateful feeling toward our customers, partners and technical intern trainees who provide us a good cooperation in business environment.
  • We share the same common of destiny with our customers, partners and technical intern trainees in the purpose of stability and successfulness.
  • Every day is a new chance for us to make the improvement. Let's make a chance day by day.

Type of works that we are working in:

Duration Types of Occupation Specific Work
1 Year Term 1 Factory Cleaning (Female)
2 Construction Concrete
3 Food Package Packaging Finish Good
3 Years Term 1 Agriculture Vegetable Planation
Livestock Farming
2 Construction and Industry
Electronice Supplier Production
Construction(Building, Road)
Furniture Production
3-5 Years Term 1 Meat and Suasage Production Slicing Meat
Producing Suasage
2 Age Care Jobs Age Care Service

: #222, Street 2006, Kakab Commune, Posenchey District, Phnom Penh , Cambodia

: (855) 23-995-072 (Japanese Language)

: (855)23-995-074 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-427 (Khmer Language)

: (855)23-890-314 (Khmer Language)

: info@keikei-cambodia.com

: Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM

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